Working Remotely Adventure #1: Savannah

Working remotely has its perks! Our first adventures was to Savannah, GA, an incredibly beautiful city with rich history. The cobblestone streets and brick buildings provide character. When you first arrive, you can feel the city has a story to tell. Right on the river, you can smell the salty water and watch boat tours and ferries make their routes. 

We covered the entire city in three days. A combination of trolley tours and walking around helped us visit the most famous sites and find quaint little bars and shops. 

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Having never visited Savannah, GA before, the Emily and Joe covered the essentials. After such a wonderful trip, we will be back to discover more of the local places in Savannah and avoid the tourist attractions. Since we can both work remotely, we hope to be back sooner than later!

After Remote Work Is Complete, It's Time to Play in Savannah!

All photo credits belong to Joe Ramirez Photography. Contact him through Facebook

The Forsyth Park fountain is over 150 years old! Erected in 1858, the fountain is a popular destination for locals and tourists like us. We gazed at its beauty and fine details for some time until the Savannah humidity had us sweating bullets. It was time to get moving at that point because we had much more ground to cover!

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The Prohibition Museum is great spot to pop in to avoid the heat and get a drink. We enjoyed learning the history of prohibition.We even picked up on new facts we didn't know about.

We had a good time taking pictures with the life like wax figurines. The woman pictured is Carry Nation. She was famous for wielding a hatchet and destroying salons. She was arrested 30 times!

Inside the museum, there is a speakeasy with tasty cocktails and a superb bar staff waiting to make you a drink. The speakeasy is at the end of the tour, but it is well worth the wait. 

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You may not know the name, but you've seen this place before. Chippewa Square is where they filmed Forest Gump! While the bench isn't there any longer, it's still fun to see where all the magic happened. 

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Factoid alert: Savannah is a wet city! It was nice to be able to walk around with a drink in hand. The heat in Savannah is brutal, but the drinks did help us through our suffering. We visited Wet Willie's quite a few times and enjoyed a mix of Call-A-Cab and Green Apple.

We did try the Savannah signature cocktail, the Chatham Artillery Punch. It's a combination of dark rum, brandy, rye, and champagne. It's not for the faint of heart!

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The Olde Pink House is the perfect place to drop in if you want an old timey cocktail. Did you know that the house wasn't originally painted pink? The house started "bleeding", which is how it got its pink color!

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The Waving Girl statue has a sweet history. Florence Martus, the woman depicted the statue, waited for her sailor to return to her. Every time a ship would pass, she would wave her flag in hopes he was on board. Crews would wave back to her. She never stopped waving at ships. When she passed, many ships came to say goodbye to their waving girl. 

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While we were having a good time, OE Marketing was still hard working on remote work in the hotel room. Working remotely doesn't mean it's all fun and games. Marketing for clients is a constant hands on process, but it's incredibly rewarding to see the results at the end of a campaign. 

Where is OE Marketing going to next? We are on our way to the Carolinas! Stay tuned for details on our next adventure. Follow the blog by clicking the button below. 


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