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What Is SEO Marketing & Why Do You Need It

We hear it all the time. Small business owners are curious to hear more about, “ What is SEO marketing ?” We find that many small business owners have an idea of local SEO services, but they aren’t sure how to apply it correctly. Many business owners have been burned by marketing agencies in the past, so it can be hard to trust someone to take on local SEO services once again. These individuals would rather learn about SEO marketing and try to implement themselves versus losing more money on a marketing agency. While OE Marketing would rather take the stress of completing your own SEO strategy off of your shoulders, we are in the business of helping business owners in any way that we can. Read on to learn more about SEO marketing. 

what is seo marketing

What Is SEO Marketing?

If you’re wondering, “ What is SEO marketing ?”, think of it like organic marketing. Most marketing is high cost and involves quite a bit of hands on management. With SEO marketing, it is a long-term strategy that helps build the credibility of your domain and your business. Rather than trying to spend money on having an ad placed directly in front of the prospect, you will create content monthly that is optimized for specific keywords. 

Keyword research is a key part of SEO marketing. It should be a combination of keywords that are searched for on various devices. Searches can be conducted on desktop computers and mobile phones. Now on the rise, voice search is a large part of the searches conducted daily for local businesses. Be sure to include long tail and short tail keywords in your optimized keyword list. 

When you are completing your SEO copywriting, be sure to include the keyword you are optimizing on the page in these places:

  • Image alt tags
  • Meta title & description
  • Header tags

With these tips, you can begin to build an SEO strategy that is successful. 

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OE Marketing wants to help business owners and entrepreneurs across the United States succeed. Whether you have tried small business marketing in the past or need to start your new SEO strategy, we can help. Rather than wonder, “ What is SEO marketing ?”, contact us today!

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