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Our Services

Research is an essential part of the mission of the College of Dentistry and as such is also a part of the teaching mission for health science students. The contribution of research to advances in the knowledge base can be directly applied to patient care, and a key component of the education of NYU dentistry students lies in understanding how research contributes to this knowledge. Further, research as a career option is best demonstrated through the recognition of research as a prominent part of the activity of the faculty.

Our dental staff is comprised of proud NYU COD graduates that can provide the area's best services. Your entire family will be cared for the moment they walk into our office. You will never experience delayed wait times, and your appointment will also begin promptly. 


Treatment of dental pulp to support healthy teeth


Treatment of tooth structures to produce a beautiful smile


Design and fit artificial teeth to enhance your confidence 


Remove wisdom teeth and other painful structures 


Place braces on teeth to help straighten your smile 

Guard Your Teeth

Best mouth guards to prevent grinding at night


Replace missing missing teeth or gaps in the mouth

Tooth Stone

Remove build up before it touches a nerve and causes pain


Remove plague and provide a thorough cleaning 

Tooth Painting

Discolored and stained teeth can be painted white 


Provide quality information and teach the best dental habits


Remove and fill teeth to prevent further damage to teeth
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