Website Accessibility 101: Why You Need An ADA Site

If you haven’t heard of website accessibility, you are a bit behind in terms of the current website standards. This may not seem important to you, but it can directly impact your domain. Certain businesses are required to have accessible websites if they meet requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

website accessibility

Which businesses are those? Those who are required to have an ADA website are:

  • Businesses who fall under ADA Title I or ADA Title III
  • Businesses with 15+ full-time employees at least 20+ weeks during a regular calendar year 
  • Business considered “public accommodation”

Fortunately, it is never too late to begin making changes to your current website to meet ADA guidelines. At this time in Q1 of 2020, there are no exact regulations in place. However, recommendations have been made by the ADA and W3C

Why Website Accessibility Is Important

Even websites that do not fall under the businesses required to have website accessibility built into their custom web design should be looking into ADA compliant websites. Every business should be focused on trying to provide the best experience possible to any lead or customer that comes across their site. 

Some individuals in our world have disabilities that require assistance using devices and understanding what is on web pages. However, that should not stop them from being able to enjoy the content on your website. Simply because someone is blind, deaf, or requires technological assistance does not mean that they should not be able to purchase items from your online store or learn more on your blog. 

Every moment your business does not offer website accessibility to the world means you are potentially losing a lifelong customer. 

Custom Web Design

Most general templates available on the major DIY sites are not ADA compliant. While they do claim to offer website accessibility features, they don’t usually work. In the rare chance they do work, they don’t work very well. To help our readers who do not have a disability understand the frustration that comes with the accessibility features not working, think of the last time an important web page either wouldn’t load at all or would time out after a few minutes. It’s not a positive customer experience and it causes users to bounce out to a different site that does work correctly. 

OE Marketing is proud to say we create every custom web design with ADA compliance in mind, along with SEO. We create positive user experiences with easy to navigate sites that anyone can easily use. We even go the extra step by adding:

  • Image Alt Tags
  • Transcripts on Videos
  • Site Language In header Tag
  • Recommendations on 404 Error Pages
  • And More!

We believe every one of our clients’ customers should have a seamless experience. Some other marketing agencies may add this as an optional feature (with a fee). We make it standard in every package. 

Website Accessibility Design Experts

As the saying goes, “one for all and all for one.” When it comes to website accessibility, we think every business and entrepreneur should incorporate it into their custom website design. We’re happy to review your current site and let you know what you can do to improve it, or we can design you a new site from scratch. Contact us to let us know how you would like to move forward!

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