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Web Design Services That Will Improve Your Site Speed & User Experience 

If your business isn’t online, you are losing traction and sales every second. The business world is no longer limited to those in your community. While you are asleep, someone halfway across the globe can book an appointment or make a purchase. However, you cannot have a website that was built in the 1990s or early 2000s. Even websites built in the last decade need to be updated to meet the current website regulations in order to be found. If your website isn’t ranking or it is not accessible to all, it will not be seen or used. 

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OE Marketing provides web design services that offer positive user experiences, meet ADA compliance, satisfy SEO guidelines, and convert leads into customers. 

Exceptional Web Design Services for Small Businesses

We believe your brand should shine throughout your website. From the colors and font to the way the website makes you feel, we offer custom web design that meets your every need. 

Your can expect the following with our website design and development services:

  1. Initial discovery meeting to learn about your business. 
  2. Full website audit of your current site (if applicable). 
  3. Review of the good, the bad, and the ugly on your current site (if applicable). 
  4. Full discussion of what you envision on your custom website. 
  5. Interactive experience with websites from our portfolio so you can see ideas in action. 
  6. Narrow down and agree on final ideas. 
  7. Quote provided for your web development project. 
  8. Once the quote is accepted, a contract will be drafted. It will include all of the agreed upon details. 
  9. Once the contract is signed, work begins. 
  10. Website is delivered on the deadline for review. 
  11. Any changes must be requested within the deadline listed in the signed contract. 
  12. Site goes live after final payment is received. 

We want you to be involved as much as possible in the design of the site in order to eliminate any issues as the process comes to a close. Without these discussions, we would not be able to deliver a product that you are completely satisfied with at the end. 

During our web design project, we will keep you informed and request any necessary information. It always helps if you have your vector logo on hand along with any high-quality resolution images you know you want on the site. 

ADA Compliant & SEO Friendly Websites

Along with our fully hands-on process, we proudly only create accessible websites. We predict that all websites in the future will need to be ADA compliant, which is why we choose to set out clients up for success now. We ensure that anyone, regardless of their physical abilities, can easily enjoy the content on your website. Read more about what ADA compliant websites are here

Of course, we do not forget about following the best SEO practices when we create our websites. You may be shocked to learn that ADA compliance actually aligns with SEO quite well. We create the backend of your website with search engine algorithms in mind. At the same time, we are designing a beautiful front-end, user-friendly interface. Our team understands how important it is to meet the nearly 200+ factors that impact your SEO ranking. From the menus and page layouts to the site index, header tags, and more, your site will be easy for any bot crawler to understand. On the flip side, your users will have a positive experience and easy navigation. Plus, your site will load quickly, which is always a great thing! 

Contact us now to discuss setting up an appointment for your web design audit. We proudly serve businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the United States.


OE Marketing is ready and available to assist you with all of your digital marketing needs. Fill out the form or reach out to us via email. We look forward to working with you!

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