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Search Engine Optimization 101: What You Need To Know To Succeed 

It seems that everyone’s main digital marketing goal is to get to number one on Google. It’s not as simple as wishing for it though. Search engine optimization is a complicated, long-term digital marketing strategy. Business owners can see significant ROI with SEO, but they must accept that their SEO strategy is not going to provide instant gratification like a PPC ad or email marketing campaign. PPC ads and email marketing campaigns both have short term goals and visible call-to-actions (CTAs). SEO strategy requires a bit of patience and monthly check ups to ensure the keywords that content is being produced for are what prospects are still typing into the search bar when they desire certain products and services. 

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OE Marketing is here to take a complicated search engine optimization strategy off your hands so you can focus on other areas of your business.

 How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Without getting into the nitty gritty, Google and other search engines send out web crawlers (bots) to crawl your website and find out information about it. These bots are not deployed on a set schedule, so it can be hard to predict when they will crawl your website. The industry estimate says that about three months after you begin to produce SEO the bots will begin to crawl your site. 

When these bots crawl your SEO content, they are looking at your meta title, meta description, header tabs, body, image alternative tags (alt tags), structure, ease of navigation, menus, outbound links, and much more. They are also looking into the keywords you have optimized each page to check for a few things. The bots want to make sure you are not keyword stuffing, which means you are adding the keyword to a page excessively just to try and rank higher. Along with looking for keyword stuffing, the bots take a look at the internal structure of your website. The less clicks it takes to reach information, the better. Most users are now using mobile devices, so bots rank websites higher when it is easier and quicker for users to access information throughout the site. These bots are also looking to see if the SEO content on your pages can help a user gain all of the information they need. 

Google is a big fan of interpreting intent, so the bots will tell Google to rank websites that provide links to additional information on the site that may answer the user’s future questions. For example, if you are writing a SEO page about oranges in Florida, it would be beneficial to link to another post or a page that talks about where to buy oranges in Florida. From the page talking about where to buy oranges in Florida, it wouldn’t hurt to link to the best places orange farms to pick oranges or when is orange season in Florida. Think about it for a minute. The user was looking up information about oranges in Florida. It’s likely that this user will be seeking other information about oranges. Instead of them bouncing out and performing another search, your website has additional information and possibly answers for other questions they may have. This shows Google you are doing everything in your power to be an authority in your industry and provide your users a one stop shop for information. 

Plenty of other aspects go into search engine optimization rankings. This barely scratches the surface. Hopefully this gives you an insight into how the rankings are determined. These tiny bots can make or break your Google ranking. OE Marketing knows what there bots are looking for and is more than happy to help get your website and search engine optimization strategy up to speed. 

Content Is King

Bill Gates wrote a paper titled “Content is King” in 1996, and it still applies today. Users are ultimately seeking answers to their questions. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website it or how easy it is to navigate. If you website doesn’t have SEO content that provides answers to questions, it will not rank highly because it doesn’t provide any benefit to the user. 

SEO content should first and foremost make sense. If your content is hard to read, it won’t rank. Reading scores are available on all search engine optimization pages. If the score shows your content is terrible, Google bots will notate that. SEO content should also sound natural. Try to produce content for a middle school reading level. Finally, produce SEO content that provides valid answers to search terms. Don’t try to make up information. The content should be factual and help the user in their search for knowledge. 

What Is Involved With SEO?

SEO strategy can vary from business to business, but most contain the same core elements. These are elements are:

  • Strategic Keyword Research
  • Expertly Produced SEO Content
  • Link Building Structure
  • Images with Alt Tags
  • Header Tags (H1, H2, and H3)
  • Call-to-Action (CTA)

Learning SEO strategy on your own is possible, but it is time consuming. OE Marketing can help you with your search engine optimization so you can take your precious time and place it back into areas of your business that need your attention. With OE Marketing, you don’t have to worry about keywords, content, CTAs, posting, or other aspects of SEO. All you will need to look over is the monthly report. Don’t hesitate — contact OE Marketing today to learn more about our affordable search engine optimization services for your business. 

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