Adventure # 2 — Greenville, SC

Waterfalls and hiking and climbing, oh my! Greenville, SC captured both of our hearts. The fresh air, modern city layout with historical notes littered throughout, and numerous outdoor activities are right up our alley. The future headquarters of OE Marketing’s remote work for our clients just may be in Greenville!

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OE Marketing traveled throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Despite the gnats, South Carolina reigned supreme in our eyes. We love #YeahThatGreenville!

All photo credits belong to Joe Ramirez Photography. Contact him through Facebook

Remote Work Next to Waterfalls in the Center of Town

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Our favorite thing about Greenville, SC was the waterfalls in the middle of downtown. You can cross a suspension bridge to see the waterfalls head on. Everything about Greenville is well manicured. The gardens, trees, walkways, dog parks, public art, and so much more is lively, fun, and beautiful. I could work remotely off of my laptop next to the waterfalls any day of the week!

Along with beautiful scenery, the restaurants and bars are incredibly hip and fun! Unlike Florida, many people are younger and actually out and about. Greenville hosts multiple concerts each week and often has movie nights during the summer to provide something for its citizens to do in downtown. The city is incredibly refreshing! 

While Joe and I walked around, I was so inspired by the amount of remote work I could complete for our clients. So many little shops and hidden local spots boast the perfect area to post up with a laptop. 

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Jones Gap State Park

Despite being outdoors often and being incredibly athletic people, both Joe and I forgot to bring water on our 8.5 mile round trip hike. Luckily, the river water was incredibly clean, so we didn’t have the pleasure of meeting dehydration during our 4 hour trek. The 100 foot Rainbow Falls was absolutely breathtaking and certainly the highlight of the hike. Despite nearly getting our butts kick on the “high knee” areas (which turned out to be 80% of the first half of the hike), we survived and made it to the top of the mountain. 

After seeing Rainbow Falls, we finished the hike with Jones Gap Falls. Funny story — we meant to visit this waterfall first. Jones Gap Falls is a 65 foot cascading waterfall. While it’s incredibly pretty, it’s not a 100 foot waterfall. We accidentally missed the markers for the trail leading to Jones Gap Falls (the easiest hike in the park) and ended up on the Rainbow Falls trail. Luckily, the Rainbow Falls trail was the first break off of the Jones Gap Falls trail. The hike could have quickly went south!

working remotely
remote work


Without a doubt in my mind, Joe and I will be back sooner than later. From the weekly concerts in downtown to the friendly nature of the people in the city, Greenville stole a little piece of our hearts. We look forward to sharing more of our experiences with #YeahThatGreenville in the near future! I truly hope to work remotely in Greenville, SC. I love having the ability to run OE Marketing and perform remote work for our clients anywhere in the country.

Where are we going next? Right now, the plan is a staycation in Orlando, FL for Halloween Horror Nights. Stay tuned for our next adventure!


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