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How To Market On Facebook & See High ROI

When it comes to how to market on Facebook, you will hear a range of opinions from those who have done it on their own and turned to a professional marketing agency. We don’t hide the truth from our clients, so we will be blunt. There is no one size fits all method for how to market your business on Facebook. What works for one business and industry may not work for another. In fact, business owners and entrepreneurs in the same niche will find they need to run different social media ads and create different content marketing calendars in order to effectively reach their audience.

how to market on facebook

Facebook Marketing 101

One of the most important things to remember about marketing on Facebook is to be genuine to your customers. Social media offers your business the opportunity to add a humanistic touch to your brand. Whether you offer products, services, or both, you have a free opportunity to connect with your customers in a way that wasn’t possible just a few decades ago. 

When you are considering your Facebook marketing strategy for your small business, consider the following:

  • What voice do you want your brand to carry?
  • How often should you be posting?
  • What are your competitors doing that works and doesn’t work?
  • Do you have time to dedicate to building an authentic audience? 
  • What graphics or videos will you use? 
  • How far in advance will you plan your posts?
  • What is your monthly ad budget? 

Your social media strategy cannot simply consist of posting an update every once in a blue moon. You must be consistent with your posting to keep your audience engaged and keep your page on your followers news feed. If you don’t post often, Facebook’s algorithm may not even share your updates. 

Along with an organic strategy, social media ads are critical for helping get your posts in front of the right people. Those who follow your page may be friends and family, but they may not be your ideal customer. Facebook ads allow you to display your offers and events in front of those who meet the demographic data you specify.

Social Media Ads Experts

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