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Facebook Targeted Ads Really Do Work!

One of the most effective advertising methods available to business owners today is Facebook targeted ads. With Facebook advertising, you can reach the most specific individual or an incredibly large audience without breaking the bank. The cost of Facebook ads is relatively cheap compared to the lifelong value you will gain from the number of sales you will close from leads you may have never accessed otherwise. Targeted Facebook ads only work if they are set up correctly. Turn to the experts at OE Marketing to ensure you have the highest ROI possible on your Facebook ads budget. 

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Facebook Targeted Ads Garner More Leads

The cost of Facebook ads largely depends on what goals you are trying to achieve with your Facebook campaigns. If your small business has broad goals with a broad audience, the cost of your Facebook ad won’t be as high as a specific goal with a niche audience. Consider the following types of Facebook targeted ads objectives:

  • Awareness: Individuals are reminded or your brand, product, and/or service 
  • Consideration: Interested individuals are encouraged to engage on the ad or page
  • Conversion: Desire to increase foot traffic or e-commerce sales (or both!)

Once the specific goal is decided up, it’s time to determine which audience you are targeting. Do you want everyone to know about an event, or are you seeking a very specific group of individuals to purchase your product? Knowing who you want to advertise to will make your Facebook goals more achievable

Facebook Marketing Experts in the Local Area

OE Marketing proudly offers our Facebook target ads service for a reasonable management fee to prove the power of proper Facebook marketing. We will prove the cost of Facebook ads is worth every penny because you will see the number of leads you acquire skyrocket. Business owners and entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact us now!


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