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Do Facebook Ads Work?

If you’re wondering, “ Do Facebook ads work ?”, you’re not alone. Small businesses often have a hard time creating effective ads on Facebook because they are not optimizing their campaign for their specific goal. While Facebook advertising may seem easy, quite a bit of thought is required to produce the most effective Facebook campaigns. Without industry knowledge and experience, creating ads on Facebook may seem like a waste of time and money. Fear not — OE Marketing is here to help your small business garner more leads without breaking your marketing budget. 

do facebook ads work

Do Facebook Ads Work In My Area

Some businesses have seen negative ROI on Facebook ads in the past. Without evening seeing the campaign, it would be easy to guess they didn’t select the right campaign type for the goal they were trying to achieve. 

If you are looking to convert leads into sales, you cannot create an awareness campaign. If you want engagement, you must select the right campaign. Facebook advertising algorithms are unique and deliver the results for the campaign selected. If you are optimizing the campaign for the correct goal, you are working against the algorithm and paying an exorbitant amount of money for almost no leads. 

Consider the three types of objectives available through Facebook marketing:

  • Awareness: Increases reach, local awareness, and brand awareness
  • Consideration: Increases lead generation, number of app installs, eb traffic, engagement, and video views
  • Conversion: Increases number of sales through e-commerce sales and foot traffic in-store 

When you explain to us the exact goal you desire through a Facebook marketing campaign, we can create the ads on Facebook you need. We understand all aspects of Facebook advertising, so we can completely optimize your campaign and help you garner more leads. You will see a significant increase in your ROI on Facebook advertising when you turn to the experts at OE Marketing. 

Facebook Ads Work When You Turn To Us

Rather than wondering, “ Do Facebook ads work ?”, take advantage of the experts at OE Marketing who are ready and willing to assist you. We will bring you leads that actually want your product and/or service. The lifelong value of these leads cover the cost of Facebook ads. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, contact us today to begin generating more leads! 


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