Cost of Facebook Ads in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon & Beyond

Each business owner can expect to see a different cost of Facebook ads that work for them and their business. Some will spend as low as $100 per week and others will need to spend as much at $2,000 or more each month. Targeted Facebook ads must be properly set up in order to maximize the ROI of your Facebook marketing budget. We’ve seen time and time again where business owners set up un-optimized campaigns and begin to question “ Do Facebook ads work ?” When you turn to OE Marketing, you can expect to garner more leads than you thought possible through Facebook advertising. 

cost of facebook ads

What Is the Cost of Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is based on a set budget, so the amount you spend on Facebook ads each month is largely dependent on two factors: goals and audience size. The more broad your goals are (i.e. be seen by 5,000 people), the lower the cost will be for Facebook targeted ads. On the flip size, if your goals are more specific (i.e. garner 10,000 clicks), the cost will be higher since specific goals require specific outcomes. The same can be applied to the audience. Broader audiences are easier to reach, so it costs less to advertise. Specific, niche audiences are typically smaller and not online the entire day, so the price for advertising to these individuals rises. 

Do Facebook Ads Work

Targeted Facebook ads work when campaigns are properly set up from day one. You must know what goal a specific ad is trying to achieve. Facebook ads have three primary objectives:

  • Awareness: Place your brand/product/service in front of individuals 
  • Consideration: Engage interested individuals 
  • Conversion: Drive online sales and foot traffic in-store 

If you want to drive individuals into your store, you wouldn’t want to set up an awareness campaign. All too often business owners aren’t sure where to start, and they wind up setting up the wrong campaign. If the campaign isn’t correct, the goals for Facebook ads will be unachievable.

Local Facebook Marketing Experts

Turn to OE Marketing for the best advice concerning Facebook ads. We can help you determine the right cost of Facebook ads for your specific goals. To prove to you Facebook advertising does work, we offer a one week FREE trial. Business owners in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon, and beyond are encouraged to contact us today to learn more!

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