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Celebrate Business Holidays To Reach Your Goals

Help us celebrate International Small Business Week, Social Media Day and OE Marketing’s business birthday!

Reflection is part of everyday life and the business world. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy what we have achieved and create new goals to work toward. Today is a special day for OE Marketing because we are celebrating not one but three business holidays! It is officially our first business birthday and it happens to fall on Social Media Day and in the middle of International Small Business Week.

Celebrate Business Holidays To Reach Your Goals

In this post we will discuss:

Let’s dive into how celebrating business holidays and business birthdays can further your goals. 

Business Birthdays Are Important Milestones

Celebrate Business Holidays To Reach Your Goals - OE Marketing Celebrates 1st Business Birthday

Just like our normal birthday celebrations, business birthdays mark a huge milestone. It’s not as simple as your business is turning one or fifty. It’s the fact you as a business owner have managed to beat all odds and create a life for themselves. 

Your business birthday should be taken as a day of joy and pride, even if you didn’t reach the goals you wanted to succeed. Take the day to conduct your normal business operations in addition to reviewing your entire business plan, marketing strategy, and accounting.

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Ask yourself the following:

  • What goals did you hit, miss, and exceed?
  • What changed during the year?
  • How can costs and revenue be adjusted to be more profitable?
  • Does anything need to change course over the next year?
  • Can you capitalize on any business holidays over the next 365 days?
  • What are your goals for next year?

OE Marketing had an incredibly successful year in business. Despite the incredibly difficult challenges presented by COVID-19, we only fell 10% short of our goals. While it was disappointing to just miss the mark, we have to remember that an unprecedented pandemic was what stood between us and our desired level of success. 

If your business is taking a hit due to COVID-19, remember to account for that when you are celebrating your next business birthday. You can’t allow yourself to be too upset when your business managed to survive mandated shut downs and supply chain issues. 

Social Media Day Helps Gain Traction & Engagement

Social Media Day is turning 10 this year! Founded by Mashable in 2010, Social Media Day is celebrated worldwide by individuals and businesses alike. Anyone can participate in the holiday by adding #SocialMediaDay to their post(s). Businesses and social media specialists should take advantage of this business holiday to help gain traction to their profile and boost engagement. 

In addition to traction and engagement, celebrating Social Media Day provides you an opportunity to create content and/or offers that convert your followers into customers. You can provide freebies, discounts, reduced/no shipping, and other offers that keep followers interested and engaged. Use the business holiday to build your email list and/or text subscription list in order to keep in contact with followers all year long. 

Celebrate Business Holidays To Reach Your Goals - Social Media Day 2020

By celebrating Social Media Day, you can easily fill in one day on your content marketing calendar and further your social media marketing goals. You can use the results from the content and/or offers you produced to understand how your normal posts compare:

  • Did you see more engagement?
  • Were comments more relevant than usual?
  • Did your number of followers increase?
  • Could you perform an A/B test in a month to see if it’s just the business holiday or your content that allows you to see better results? 

Business holidays are a great way to understand how your followers react to new content and relevant offers. Create an A/B test to understand if you can continue to garner the level of engagement and secure lead information. Use this information to change, update, and monitor your social media goals. 

Google Launches New International Small Business Week

Celebrate Business Holidays To Reach Your Goals - Google Launches International Small Business Week

Google continues to help businesses of all sizes succeed, no matter the amount they spend on Google’s advertising platform. In response to the struggles small business owners face during COVID-19, Google has launched a new holiday: International Small Business Week

During International Small Business Week, Google is providing additional free resources and training to help businesses owners thrive during this pandemic. This can be used as a time to celebrate small businesses across the global and right down the street.

As a small business owner, you can use this time to focus on your local SEO and local marketing. Google offers an entire suite of free tools, and their new resources provided during International Small Business Week can help you further your local goals. Take this time to embellish your Google My Business profile and Google Maps listing. Work on adding rich SEO keywords to your products and services and update your COVID-19 information. By doing so, you can accomplish the following:

  • Improve Local SEO Ranking
  • Generate More Phone Calls & Traffic
  • Easily Direct Customers To Your Business 
  • Communicate Directly With Customers
  • Engage With Customer Questions & Reviews 

When you begin to focus on this vitally important business holiday, you can help your small business accomplish local SEO goals and flourish for the low cost of free. 

Join Us Us In Celebrating Business Holidays Now and Throughout The Year

Celebrations make life more interesting, and the same can be said for the business world. It’s truly a wonderful feeling to accomplish goals and set new ones every year. We are proud to have made it as far as we have by our first business birthday despite the challenges of COVID-19. We want to thank everyone who has supported us during this first year in business and continues to help us succeed. The next 365 days will undoubtedly be filled with new challenges, but we are ready to take on our latest goals, improve our services and see how far we can go by our second business birthday. 

Take advantage of business holidays and birthdays to reflect on how far you have come and what you can do to grow in the future. By taking time to celebrate and reflect, you can identify what goals are attainable and which may need to be changed in order to help you succeed. Business holidays such as Social Media Day and International Small Business Week provide you with opportunities to benchmark your progress and create new plans to achieve success.

Despite celebrating our first business birthday, we are available to assist current and new clients with any of their digital marketing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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