Ads on Facebook for Small Businesses in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon & Beyond

Most of your audience is on Facebook at least once per day. If you are not taking advantage of ads on Facebook, your small business could be losing a huge number of leads each month. Advertising on Facebook is a cost-effective strategy for local businesses because of the geotargeting aspects Facebook advertising can offer. Business owners who haven’t utilized the platform before often wonder, “ How much do Facebook ads cost ?”, which is an answer that varies from business to business. Some businesses have small budgets and others spend thousands each month. OE Marketing can help you devise the best Facebook marketing strategies to help you garner more leads without breaking the bank.

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Optimized Ads on Facebook

Before diving into the ad copy, images/videos, headlines, and other aspects of Facebook advertising, you first need to know what you want to happen when you put out the ad. This is the goal of the Facebook advertising campaign. There are three primary objectives that can be set up to achieve specific goals:

  • Awareness: Brand awareness, local awareness, increased reach
  • Consideration: Web traffic, engagement, app installations, video views, lead generation
  • Conversion: Conversions, e-commerce sales, in-store visits 

Once you understand what you want to happen with the ad on Facebook, we can begin to answer the question, “ How much do Facebook ads cost ?” Facebook budgets can be set as a campaign total or a daily budget. The daily budget only uses a set portion of the total budget each day whereas the campaign budget is uses various amounts daily throughout the length of the campaign. We can help you understand which budget type is best for your specific campaigns

Local Experts in Facebook Advertising

OE Marketing is available goal over your Facebook advertising goals and create the campaign you need to reach your audience. We have the experience you need to reach a broad audience or niche interest groups. To prove the success of ads on Facebook, we offer a one week FREE trial to business owners in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon, and beyond. Contact us today!

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