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How To Adjust Your Digital Marketing Strategy to COVID-19

We must accept our new reality, as COVID-19 will not be leaving us anytime soon. Learn how to adjust your digital marketing strategy to our new remote business world.

While we were all hopeful COVID-19 would be a temporary setback, it is now clear this is our new realty. Between six feet of distancing to wearing masks in public, everything in our world is changing. However, your business does not need to suffer. Rather than waiting for the things to go back to normal, you must accept this is the new normal. You should take this opportunity to adjust your digital marketing strategy and determine how you can get your business online sooner than later.

digital marketing strategy for COVID-19

In our last blog post, we talked about different marketing and advertising strategies businesses could implement immediately at the beginning of quarantine. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already done so!

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This blog post will describe how you can adjust your digital marketing strategy to our new remote business world. Every business can benefit from moving part or all of its business to an online platform. Whether it is an e-commerce store or live video streaming, it is possible to retain current customers and garner new leads. 

Adjust your small business marketing strategy by:

With the technology that is readily available at our fingertips, your business can not just survive - it can thrive online!

Offer Solutions, Not Hard Sells

digital marketing strategy - offer solutions

With millions of individuals currently out of work, it can feel like money is not moving through the economy that way it was before COVID-19 arrived. Both B2B and B2C companies are feeling the effects of quarantine. However, it will not last forever. Eventually, individuals will be able to return to their jobs and/or companies will create work-from-home opportunities. The economy will reopen and people will have funds available to spend on your business.

It is important to stay top-of-mind right now. When funds are tight, individuals do not want to be sold to every day. They want to make the purchase, but they simply cannot. Rather than trying to give them a hard sell, offer solutions to their problems. Your product or service can solve many of their needs, and you need to let them know that. 

Let them know you will be there when they need you in the future. Between loyalty perks, coupon codes, and extended warranties, you can offer solutions to their current problems and their future needs. 

When you offer solutions rather than a hard sell, you show you care about the individual - not just their hard earned dollar.

Provide Education, Not Expertise

During this time, many people are twiddling their thumbs, watching Tiger King, and picking up new hobbies. You are the authority with expertise for your product or service. There is no denying that. However, individuals do not particularly care about that right now.

What they do care about is filling their time. One can only binge so much before even shows/movies become boring. Teach them new skills or ways to use their products. You still want to remain the expert, but you can provide education about your industry that they may enjoy.

digital marketing strategy - provide education

For example, yoga teachers may offer a free educational week long training that gives them a taste of what becoming a yoga instructor feels like. It doesn’t mean they will stop attending their virtual classes, but it does give their students something to learn. In another scenario, web developers can provide a free two hour live Facebook class that goes over coding basics and Internet best practices. It doesn’t mean the individuals watching the live video will become coding experts, but it may peak their interest enough to try and build their own site. 

In both of the above hypotheticals, the one providing the education planted a seed that can later be harvested. Their students will eventually get to a point where they need to come back to the educator to get the next steps.

Build Relationships, Not One-Off Conversations

digital marketing strategy - build relationships

Gone are the days of, “Sorry, I’m just seeing this message. I got really busy!” Everyone is stuck at home and online. It’s very hard to come up with a valid excuse at this point. Use this to your advantage! Stop sending one-off conversations to your business connections. Instead, use this time to build relationships.

Follow up with those individuals you’ve been meaning to get back to for a while. Start off with learning about them and how they are doing. Ask about their hobbies, interests, and quarantine projects. When appropriate, mention what your business is currently working on and how you would appreciate it if they would give your Facebook page a like or share your posts. 

You will be surprised how supportive people are when you begin the conversation. If you don’t take the first step, they likely never will. The most rewarding part of these conversations is when you can also support their small businesses

Stop sending one-off messages and start building relationships in your social network.

Create Content, Not Likes or Shares

Likes, shares, and mentions are all wonderful as they help your business be seen by others outside of your network. However, in order to gain these engagements, you must create content. You cannot pull likes and shares out of thin air. You must earn them by creating content that individuals want to engage with while online.

digital marketing strategy - create content

With all of this additional time at your home office, think of new and creative ways to engage with your audience. Adjust your digital marketing strategy so it has a heavy emphasis on content marketing. You can give a home office tour, introduce your four legged coworkers, create quizzes or polls, and so much more. 

You can still sell your business, but do it in such a way that your followers don’t really notice. Keep the content fun and lighthearted while relating it back to your business whenever possible. 

Network Online, Not Make Schedules For After Quarantine

digital marketing strategy - network online

You can plan for hours, days, weeks, and months in advance for face-to-face networking vents, but the future is incredibly uncertain. No one knows if or when we will be able to be in groups of over 50 individuals again. Rather than wasting time with schedules for the future, work on networking online now. 

Networkers across the country are creating Zoom networking calls that are easy to join. It’s not the exact same as networking in person, but it is a viable solution for our new reality. In order to get your business thriving during COVID-19, you must get comfortable with video conferencing and networking online. 

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Our digital marketing agency is here to support small businesses in any way we can during this time. We can assist you with adjusting your digital marketing strategy and getting your business online. COVID-19 has certainly tossed up our reality, but that doesn’t mean your business needs to suffer. We are still extending a 25 percent discount to business owners in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Seminole, Largo, and throughout the country who are feeling the effects of quarantine. Please contact us today to get started on your new digital marketing strategy so you can begin to thrive online!


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