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ADA Compliant Websites

Is your custom website accessible to all visitors? Learn about why you need an ADA website.

In 2020, it’s important that your custom website is accessible to any and all users. While many local business owners are focused on what the site looks like, we need to consider those who may not be able to access the content the same way as those without disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has requirements that local website builders must implement to develop ADA websites. This is especially important for business across St. Petersburg and Tampa because of the large number of visitors our area receives every year. 

ada compliant website design

Let’s take a moment to review the current ADA requirements for local website design:

  • Regardless if an individual is blind, deaf, or requires technological assistance to visit your website, the content must be accessible to all users. 
  • Businesses that fall under ADA requirements are those that have 15 or more full-time employees at least 20 weeks or more during a regular calendar year. In addition, businesses that fall under Title I or Title III are included along with businesses that are “public accommodation”. 
  • No specific regulations have been created as of early 2020. However, recommendations for local website designers are available from the ADA and W3C
  • Businesses that fall under ADA requirements and do not create an ADA compliant website are subject to lawsuits, financial restitution, and a poor brand image. 

When ADA compliance is mentioned, local business owners typically think of physical accommodations such as service animals entering their store, wheelchair ramps, and Braille. When it comes to websites, ADA must be incorporated as well. The Internet was created to allow anyone anywhere the ability to access information. With a few adjustments to your custom website design, any users will be able to access your website. 

ADA compliant websites look very similar to websites you know and love across the web. The differences between an ADA website and a non-ADA website is the internal structure and user interface. While no specific regulations are currently in place, it’s important for businesses to make websites as accessible as possible. Currently, only those falling under ADA Title I, ADA Title III, or “public accommodation” are the only businesses that are required to create an ADA website. However, every business can benefit from making ADA accommodations sooner than later. With the right precautions and an ADA website, your business can avoid costly lawsuits and a damaged brand image. 

Which Businesses Need an ADA Compliant Website?

ada accessible website

If you’re looking for your short answer, here is it: Every business needs an ADA compliant website.

However, at this moment in 2020, only certain businesses are required to have an ADA compliant website.

Those who are required to have an ADA website are:

  • Businesses who fall under ADA Title I or ADA Title III
  • Businesses with 15+ full-time employees at least 20+ during a regular calendar year 
  • Business considered “public accommodation”

Businesses that are considered “public accommodation” are hotels, public transportation, banks, and other services that everyone needs.

Now, why does every business need an ADA compliant website? It’s simple: every user deserves to have a positive user experience. This means they should be able to easily make purchases, find information, book appointments, fill out forms, and other functions your website provides. 

Our local custom website designs are built with ADA in mind to ensure snowbird, tourists, and locals alike can all access your website without any issues.

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What Are the ADA Compliant Website Regulations?

As of Q1 in 2020, no clear regulations or guidelines have been put in place by the ADA. However, this does not mean that businesses who are required to have an ADA website are off the hook. Businesses that fall under ADA requirements must provide an ADA accessible website. 

Without clear guidelines, it may be difficult for local business owners to figure out where to start. Don’t fret - OE Marketing understands how to build out an ADA compliant website to ensure your content is available to any user, regardless of their physical abilities. We help all users have a positive experience on your website. 

When you partner with OE Marketing for your local ADA website design, we can take the necessary steps to make your website accessible. Once the changes are implemented, the ADA will be able to see you are making strides in a positive direction. The ADA wants to see you are doing everything in your power to allow all users the ability to access your website. When the ADA releases clear guidelines, we will be here to help your website check off every box so you do not face any penalties. 

What Do I Need to Create an ADA Compliant Website?

Like all custom website design projects, creating an ADA website should be left to the professionals. There is more that goes into a website than just pages and tabs. The internal structure must be built correctly in order to earn an SEO ranking. In addition, the structure must be properly created from the beginning to ensure it is accessible to all users. 

ada website design

OE Marketing understands what is required to create an ADA compliant website that is also SEO-friendly. We take the current vague guidelines from the ADA and W3C to ensure all of the necessary steps are taken to create the best custom accessible website. We will build a website that allows those who are visually-impaired and hearing impaired to access your content. We also make sure those who navigate technology aides can easily access your website too. 

Many companies are advertising high-priced ADA compliant websites. Often times, they are providing a cookie-cutter website that is ADA compliant. However, they are not always built for SEO marketing strategies. The best way to ensure you have an ADA compliant website it to create a custom ADA website that has highly-engaging content. 

An ADA website design package from OE Marketing ensures your new custom website has:

  • Image Alt Tags: Known for helping bot crawlers identify images so your SEO ranking improves, image alt tags allows those who are visually impaired to understand the image that is on the screen. 
  • Video Transcripts: Those who are hearing impaired can read the video transcript and understand the content. Without these transcripts, they very well may skip past this content. 
  • Site Language Required: Header tags must identify what language your site is written in so that those with screen readers can have the content translated to their language. From there, users can understand and engage with your content. 
  • 404 & Recommendations: If a user lands on a page, your 404 error must say more than “go back to the previous page”. Make a recommendation to a main page so that users can find content on your site. 
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Simply, clear navigation is required so any user can flow through your ADA site without any issues. 

OE Marketing ensures every website we create is ADA compliant. We do not want local business owners to lose out on traffic on their site due to lack of accessibility. Any user can - and will - be able to access content when you turn to our custom website packages. 

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What Happens If a Website Isn’t ADA Compliant?

ada requirements

If your business fall under ADA regulations and you do not have an ADA compliant website, you can expect:

  • Fines up to $50,000
  • Damaged brand image
  • Poor Word of Mouth (WOM)
  • Costly lawsuits

Beyond the financial punishments, you may lose out on high-quality, lifelong customers. Between possible repeat purchases and WOM, you could lose out on thousands of dollars in their lifetime customer value. 

Custom ADA Website Packages

Your local custom website should serve the needs of anyone who visits your site. OE Marketing builds custom ADA compliant websites that protect your brand image, provide accessibility to all, and follow SEO guidelines. We can help you develop your SEO content strategy, too! Contact us today to learn more about how you can launch a new ADA website for your business in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Seminole, Largo, and throughout Tampa Bay this year. 


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